• Finish your look with clean, beautiful lines.

  • Because the design is machine washable & dryable, enjoy the luxury of a clean, fragrant bag in hours (rather than days). We understand that your life is busy.  

  • Reduce your stress. Reduce your work. No need to "spot-clean" anymore, and no more worries about the 10,000+ types of germs (dirtier than a toilet seat, ugh) that have been discovered on the average handbag.
  • Lightweight
  • Made in USA.
  • Beautiful, signature wing label.
  • An organizational powerhouse with a luxurious spacious interior - designed meticulously with 7 intuitive pockets (so you may see your belongings organized in a row).  
  • Eases your shoulder strain with easy-to-carry, padded straps crafted with 100% organic cotton batting.
  • Own something rare: Did you know that only less than 1 percent of the cotton produced in the world is organic cotton, with even less being certified organic? Organic cotton uses up to an astounding 91% less water to produce than ordinary cotton. You help to elevate the market for organic cotton & preserve resources for the world's future. 
  • Zip-close top to keep your belongings safe & secure. 
  • Easy, smooth closures with premium YKK zippers

  • Certified organic cotton means 100% chemical-free, a healthier alternative for you and your loved ones, compared to designs made out of dyed and tanned animal leather.

  • Crafted with rare GOTS-certified, 100 Standard Oeko-Tex organic cotton fabric, a healthier & safer choice for you & your loved ones - with zero toxic chemicals, a certified textile supply chain & eco-friendly standards from source through production.  
  • 7 innovative pockets, including 2 beverage or bottle holders
    • Multiplies your investment without any additional work: Your new P I P E R bag provides food and supplies for families in immediate need (through the Positive Effect Program™ or "PEP").

    • Your new investment automatically helps someone in their time of need. 

    • Easy to wash (and dry) in the machine.
    • Keep your happiness. Wash away the germs.

    A new kind of luxury

    Sustainable, innovative fashion

    P I P E R

    the premier collection