About P I P E R

Founded in Newport Beach, California, in the heart of OC, we craft innovative bags for your beautiful, busy life. Our designs are anchored in a Newport Beach aesthetic and the spirit of Cali-casual luxury. Most importantly, we are a purpose-driven company. We understand our clients, who want not only to carry beautiful pieces but also to be able to help others and better our world in the process.
P I P E R was born out of our founder's own experiences, living a busy lifestyle in New York City and Newport Beach as a professional and parent. 
One evening, while taking care of her then-newborn baby under the glow of a single lamp in the early hours of Manhattan, our founder was overtaken by a moment when she thought about how difficult it would be if she didn't have the resources to clothe or feed her baby. Out of this spark, the P I P E R Positive Effect Program ("PEP") was born:
P I P E R is committed to the belief that kindness is better, and kindness is powerful. This is why a portion of all proceeds is donated automatically to provide food and supplies for those in immediate need. (Did you know, for example, that because of the current pandemic, the number of people facing life-threatening hunger has doubled? That hurts our hearts, and with your investment, we help to alleviate strains like this in the world.) 
Everyday we are inspired by the beauty of our surroundings, but most of all, we are inspired by the quiet strength, and the powerful lives, of individuals like you. 

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